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Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.

There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

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Hemen Parekh
27 June 2013

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

World Wide Work ( W3F )

World Wide Work
June  18 ,  2015

Dear  Policy  Maker :


Two days back , Government of India launched this web site , to bridge the info-gap between Employers and Jobseekers

No doubt a good initiative

But what the Government should do is what I have briefly explained in the last para of the following Concept Note , viz:

>  Launch  www.World-Wide-Jobs.com (

> Also launch one web site ( with its own distinct URL ) for each of those 900 + Employment Exchanges and make these 900 web sites , " Partner Web sites " of

>  As of today , some 43 million jobseekers have registered in these Employment Exchanges .

    Government should launch massive advts and ask all those 43 million to re-visit their nearest Employment Exchange and re-submit their resumes ONLINE (on the local exchange web site )

    Employment Exchange staff should be trained to help the jobseekers to submit their resumes and help the MSME ( nearby shopkeepers ? ) , to search / download resumes

> All future jobseekers will do likewise ; No more paper forms to fill in

> Thru massive advts , Govt to encourage 50 million MSME to log into WWJ ( from anywhere ) and search / find / download suitable resumes , without paying any Subscription  !

    Absolutely FREE 

    There can be no doubt that , out of these 50 MILLION MSME , at least 12 million , need to hire ONE person each year

    That means there are 12 million jobs being created every year by these un-organized MSME , which just cannot afford to post their vacancies on job-portals

>  Government to persuade ( in National interest ) MonsterIndia / Naukri / TimesJobs and hundreds of other job-portals to become Partner Web sites of
WWJ and deposit their Job Advts / Resumes ( thru daily RSS feeds ) into this COMMON DATABASE of WWJ, accessible to anyone from anywhere

I am willing to help / guide this project , if requested by Central Government

hemen parekh


 ( W3F )
-    A Conceptual Framework
( 07 Oct 2010 )


Ø  W3F will be a not-for-profit organization


Following principles shall guide the formation and the operation of W3F :

·       Love for entire humanity

·       Abhorrence of Violence in any form

·       Non-Discrimination based on race / religion / cast / creed / nationality / political beliefs / colour of the skin / Gender etc

·       Privacy of individuals and their data.

·       Transparency in all of its operations / Transactions

·       Benefit to society – at – large

·       Observance of National / International LAWS

·       Promotion of PEACE through dissemination of job-relate & jobseeker-related information, to all seekers of such information.

Purpose / Mission

Mission of the foundation would be to

Ø  Carry job-related info (job advt / announcements) to jobseekers living in the farthest corners of the world

Ø  Carry job-applicant’s information (resumes / profiles / info posted on public domain websites etc.) to employers / recruitment agencies, all over the world

Ø  Facilitate quick / accurate exchange of communications between the jobseekers and employers everywhere


W3F slogan will be

 “ Jobs for All = Peace on Earth ”


W3F will be open to align / affiliate / co-operate / co-ordinate with other individuals / groups / organizations / institutions, which share its “Mission Philosophy”

Members Eligibility

Ø  Membership will be free to all

Ø  Any individual / group / legally constituted organization – institution / company , can become a member of  W3F

Ø  Membership will not be denied on the basis of religions / caste / creed / race / nationality etc for individuals

Ø  Even regional / national / professional organizations can become members as long as they share the “Mission” of  W3F

Ø  Whether an Individual or a Group or an Organization, wanting to become a member of W3F,  must not believe or practice force / coercion / violence to change the belief / opinions of others.

Ø  All members will profess and practice LOVE for the entire humanity and practice non-violence thru,

Mana                  =      Mind
Vachana              =      Speech
Karma                =      Action

W3F will frame and transparently publish on its website

Ø  Constitution of General Body

Ø  Rules and Regulations

Ø  Membership Criteria

Ø  Constitution of Managing Council

Ø  Election / Tenure of Managing Council

Ø  Right / Obligations of General Members

Ø  Right / Obligations of Office Bearers

Ø  Membership Application Form

Ø  Access rules for database of Members

Ø  Privacy Policy

Ø  Income / Expenditure statements

Ø  Periodic Activity Report

Ø  List of Blacklisted Members

Ø  Bank Accounts / Statements

Ø  List of donors / donations

Ø  Salaries / Reimbursements to office-bearers / employees

Ø  W3F will largely finance its activities through voluntary donations from members or non-members

Ø  In case of donations from non-members, it will be condition of acceptance that they share the  “Mission Philosophy” of the Foundation.

Ø  Donors themselves can be ‘for profit’ organizations.

Ø  All donations shall comply with the “ laws of the land ” from where the donation amount arrives.

Ø  W3F will be registered in India as a charitable  / non-profit / non-Govt. organization and, if required, pay income-tax as per Laws of India

Ø  W3F may earn income through  Corporate Advertisements ( non-job related ), on its own website

Ø  W3F may charge FRANCHISEE fees to other job portals / websites

W3F will have its own website, call

W3F website will accept as “Partner Website” any other website, which is willing to share its own

Ø   Job Advts
( eg: job portals )
Ø  Resumes


Share its job-announcements


wish to receive RSS feeds from

in respect of "jobs advts” and “resumes” for dissemination amongst its


www.world-wide-jobs.com, will receive and give to its Partner Websites, all job advts and resumes for FREE, irrespective of the fact that some of the Partner Websites may charge their users for such data, or may have some other revenue-models.

Who  can “contribute”, What to


Corporate can provide :

·       Donations
·       Advertisement Revenue Support
·       Publicity on their own website
·       Offline publicity to W3F
·       Job-related RSS feeds from their own Corporate Websites
·       Exchange of  Links / Logos

Job Portals can provide :

Ø  RSS feeds of their job advts and resumes through Partnering

Ø  Exposing job-advts and resumes received from www.world-wide-jobs.com to its own users

Ø  Delivering

·       “Job Alerts” to jobseekers
·       “Resume Alerts” to Employers

Through email alerts or SMS alerts.

Ø  Advertisement Support

Ø  Donations

Internet service Provider (ISPs) can contribute by :

Ø  Free or nominal usage-charges to their customer in small towns and villages for accessing

·       www.world-wide-jobs.com

·       Any Partner Website of W3P

Ø  Link Exchange

Ø  Advertisement Support

Ø  Donations

Telephone Service Providers (whether landline or mobile service), can contribute by :

Ø  Free / Nominal charges for access to www.world-wide-jobs.com  and its Partner Websites, if telephone operator also happens to be an ISP.

Ø  Free delivery of VOICE JOB ALERTS (IVRS) to their customers in small towns / villages.

Ø  Link / Logo Exchange

Ø  Advertisement

Ø  Donations

Ø  Free  SMS  JOB ALERTS to their customers in small town / villages (for Mobile Service Providers)

Search Engines

Search Engines have a crucial / vital contribution to make to W3F.

Over the years, they have amassed vast data / history / usage-frequency re: “Search Terms” used by

Ø  Jobseekers while searching for jobsites

Ø  Recruiters while searching for resumes

Such “Search Terms” usually list job-portals links in search results.

However, such “links” may or may not turn-up on the FIRST PAGE of results.

Anytime, any such “Search Terms”  is typed,  Search Engines can make a huge difference by showing-up on the very FIRST PAGE,

Ø  www.world-wide-jobs.com,   and it’s

Ø  Partner Websites

Social Networking Sites

It is being claimed that Social Networking Sites such as Facebook / MySpace / Orkut / Linkedin / You Tube etc. host / carry more job-advts and resumes than the biggest commercial job-portals.

That makes them “bigger-than-the-biggest” job portals” !

And most of these are FREE as well.

And most are visited by millions of jobseekers and recruiters daily.

And nearly all of these visitors have their own / smaller “networks” of friends on these sites.

By partnering with

these Social Networking Sites can become the ideal vehicle / media, to disseminate job & resume-related into the farthest corners of the Earth !

Other websites

If the focus of attention of jobseekers and recruiters, are Job Portals,

the focus of attention of

·       Already employed
·       Self – employed
·       Non-Seekers of employment


Ø  Travel Sites
Ø  Matrimonial Sites
Ø  Education Sites
Ø  Banking / Insurance site
Ø  Music / culture / Arts sites etc.etc.

But these Visitors (nearly all of them) have

Ø  Siblings
Ø  Children
Ø  Friends
Ø  Colleagues

who happen to be “ JobSeekers ”

These other websites can contribute to the mission of W3F by exchanging links or even becoming “Partners”


Even if creating jobs may not be a “direct responsibility” of any Govt., or that “Right to job” may not be a constitutional right in most countries , all Government everywhere, have a moral responsibility to see that all it eligible citizens have jobs.

Towards this end, Governments of India (State & Central) have set up 900+ Employment Exchanges, where more than 38 million jobseekers have registered ( as of May 2010 ).

But, all Employment Exchanges put together could provide jobs (in 2009 ) to a mere 300,000 jobseekers !

Primary reason for such dismal performance is that there is hardly any “Exchange” of job-related or candidate related information through exchanges ( -despite some exchanges having their own websites ).

Apart from contributing through donations / advertisements etc., Govt. can hugely contribute by

Ø  having a Website for each Exchange

Ø  making all “Partners” of

Sunday, 18 August 2013


Here is a suggestion to IIT-Bombay , to develop a voting app , to be called VotesApp. Highlights of VotesApp :

Ø  An Android app which can be downloaded from Google Play / Android Zoom / GetJar and the official web site of Election Commission of India

Ø  It will be pre-loaded on 220 million Aakash tablets  which Govt of India plans to distribute to students

Ø  It will also be pre-loaded on those Smart phones ( to be called, “ Dharati “ ? ), which Govt of India plans to distribute free to 400 million “ poor “ Indians , before 2014 National elections

Ø  All tablet / smart phone manufacturers will be encouraged to pre-load VotesApp

Ø  Using this app , a voter can register at Election Commission web site, where he will enter the same data which he has submitted for his Aadhar card, including Aadhar card number (Unique Identification No)

Ø  All of these details will be verified by Aadhar database

Ø  Obviously , those who have not obtained their Aadhar card , will not be able to use VotesApp . They will need to visit nearest polling booth

Ø  Upon correct verification , Aadhar Database will permanently link the person’s Aadhar number with the mobile number from which  registration is done, and issue a Password

Ø  An under aged person will not be allowed to register

Ø  A person will be able to vote only from that mobile number

Ø  After login on first screen, user will be asked to select one option from > Panchayat Election > Municipal Election > State Assembly Election > Lok-Sabha Election

Ø  Upon selection, user will be presented with the list of candidates contesting , from which , he can select only one by ticking a checkbox. There will be also a choice , labeled “ None “

Ø  A long press on a candidate’s name will display details of his declared assets as also his criminal record

Ø  After ticking / selecting a candidate, voter will click on  “ VOTE “ button, whereupon his vote gets registered and VotesApp gets inactivated

Ø  Once a voter registers on Election Commission web site , he cannot go to a poling booth and vote physically

Ø  In less than one year , Govt of India will recover the cost of 220 million Aakash tablets and 400 million” Dharati “ smart phones , through this customized / personalized / shrinking of EVMs ( Electronic Voting Machines ) to a hand-held device. And imagine the millions of man-hours saved !

Ø  And the beauty is , no one can capture this booth , or conduct exit polls ! What will “ experts “ discuss on TV channels ?

Ø  What next ? Election Commission “licensing “ this App to other countries ?

 *    hemen   parekh    (   18   Dec   2012   )


Addition on  15  Dec  2015 :

Vote will get recorded only when that Voter takes a Selfie - which will get matched automatically , with his Aadhar Card photo