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Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do. There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

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27 June 2013

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Sunday 18 August 2013


Here is a suggestion to IIT-Bombay , to develop a voting app , to be called VotesApp. Highlights of VotesApp :

Ø  An Android app which can be downloaded from Google Play / Android Zoom / GetJar and the official web site of Election Commission of India

Ø  It will be pre-loaded on 220 million Aakash tablets  which Govt of India plans to distribute to students

Ø  It will also be pre-loaded on those Smart phones ( to be called, “ Dharati “ ? ), which Govt of India plans to distribute free to 400 million “ poor “ Indians , before 2014 National elections

Ø  All tablet / smart phone manufacturers will be encouraged to pre-load VotesApp

Ø  Using this app , a voter can register at Election Commission web site, where he will enter the same data which he has submitted for his Aadhar card, including Aadhar card number (Unique Identification No)

Ø  All of these details will be verified by Aadhar database

Ø  Obviously , those who have not obtained their Aadhar card , will not be able to use VotesApp . They will need to visit nearest polling booth

Ø  Upon correct verification , Aadhar Database will permanently link the person’s Aadhar number with the mobile number from which  registration is done, and issue a Password

Ø  An under aged person will not be allowed to register

Ø  A person will be able to vote only from that mobile number

Ø  After login on first screen, user will be asked to select one option from > Panchayat Election > Municipal Election > State Assembly Election > Lok-Sabha Election

Ø  Upon selection, user will be presented with the list of candidates contesting , from which , he can select only one by ticking a checkbox. There will be also a choice , labeled “ None “

Ø  A long press on a candidate’s name will display details of his declared assets as also his criminal record

Ø  After ticking / selecting a candidate, voter will click on  “ VOTE “ button, whereupon his vote gets registered and VotesApp gets inactivated

Ø  Once a voter registers on Election Commission web site , he cannot go to a poling booth and vote physically

Ø  In less than one year , Govt of India will recover the cost of 220 million Aakash tablets and 400 million” Dharati “ smart phones , through this customized / personalized / shrinking of EVMs ( Electronic Voting Machines ) to a hand-held device. And imagine the millions of man-hours saved !

Ø  And the beauty is , no one can capture this booth , or conduct exit polls ! What will “ experts “ discuss on TV channels ?

Ø  What next ? Election Commission “licensing “ this App to other countries ?

 *    hemen   parekh    (   18   Dec   2012   )


Addition on  15  Dec  2015 :

Vote will get recorded only when that Voter takes a Selfie - which will get matched automatically , with his Aadhar Card photo 

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